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pretty sweet

hey is Jason! ha ha nice song, and good drums as always. Although I dont expect any slacking, considering you are a drummer, lol. out of curiosity, what FX do you put on your master channel generally?

samuraiomi responds:

Lol thnx for the cmment!

I like it!

Hey...you've got some talent for sure. you did a really good job of capturing all the notes. I just have a few things I want to say that could be improved:

first, the kicks sound a bit weak. I can barely hear them throughout most of the song, and same with the snares at times. the hats all sound good though. Just work on making the other drums more audible.

Second, at the end of the song, around 3:56 I think when the melody starts to fade out...well let's just say its REALLY loud, lol. tone that part down a little. I know what you were going for but its still too loud. Other than that I like the song. keep up the good work!

and if you have time, check out my latest submission, "Krater (Short Phantom mix)" I'd love to hear what you think. Again, great job on this song. Its a favorite of mine from the game so I really enjoyed it.

awesome quality

To be honest, I think you're looking for something you dont really need. I can try and give you some feedback but I'm probably not experienced enough to help much, not to mention that there isn't much wrong with the song to begin with.

What stuck out the most to me is the quality. I can easily hear each individual sound clearly, nothing is really drowned out by anything else. I have a lot of trouble with this when I make songs so I really respect someone like you who can make each sound crisp and clear. I think the quality is good as it is.

I like the progression almost everywhere, but for some reason around 2:30 it starts to sound a bit awkward all the way through about 3:15 or so. After that the song finishes nicely. I dont really know what makes it sound awkward, it just does. however, It didn't subtract anything from the song really. Everything still sounds good.

synth choices are great all around in my opinion. Starting at two mintues though I didn't like the lead synth that comes in as much as all the others you used. however, that same synth seems to fit perfectly at about 2:30 when it meshes with the other sounds. Its really strange...I like how it works in combination with the other sounds, but not by itself during that quiet buildup portion.

dude, overall this song is awesome...Im going to predict right now that it ends up on next weeks best tracks. Just a hunch I have...

Check out my tracks sometime...you really know what youre doing and could probably give me some good advice.

nal1200 responds:

Thankyou VERY much for your feedback!

I cannot stress how much I appreciate honest criticisms, no matter how good or bad.

I am still trying to learn how to 'mesh' things together, but everything else is probably just trial and error, so thanks again for your help!

zero bombers suck

I have to agree with you there...almost every song I've uploaded has been zero bombed at least once so I feel your pain. Id say just about any song deserves more than a zero, unless its really total chaos...in which case the artist deserves a REVIEW!!

Anyway, as for your song...
for being made in under an hour this is pretty good. I like how the song starts with the pianos and is immediately followed by a beat...I tend to favor songs that have a beat/drums throughout, or at least for most of the song. On the other hand, I want to say that the beat you use is fairly unoriginal...try spicing it up a little to keep listeners interested. Overall its a pretty decent tune...If you spent some more time on it Im sure it would be a ten. Keep it up!

And since we've both experienced the zero bombers out there, check out my songs sometime if you want to and give them a fair score.

ElectroLord99 responds:

yeah i had to close the FL7 page, and i wasnt using the right headphones at the time while making this lol
so i couldnt hear it right, it was all fuzzy and shit... i tried to make it a song lol
but i couldnt do anything right >.<
well thx for the review, and ill check out ur songs too

Great Tune!

I love the melody this song has, although at times I feel like the song is a bit repetitive. however, when you have a good melody like this one, its not quite as bad. I really like the synth that comes in around 1:08. It adds variation to the song which is also good. the only thing I think would make this song perfect is a heavier beat, and perhaps more bass. I hear a snare but I feel like the kick is a little weak. The song also needs symbols of some kind, some hats for sure and a crash every now and then for variation. Otherwise I gotta hand it to you, everything else is absolutely amazing! the only reason I give you the 9/10 is because of the beat.

I can see you put a lot into this song, and it shows. 5/5

Parkerman1700 responds:

Yea, the volume of the patterns were tough to master. Thanks for the advice.

great sounds, but a bit repetitive

Im not quite sure whether or not this is the new song you uploaded that got zero bombed around the same itme mine did but I just have to say that tracks like this would have much higher scores if it werent for all the jerks on the AP. For people to put so much time and effort into a song to have that happen really sucks...so I feel your pain there. Anyway...

I really like the way you've put the sounds together but I have to agree with BinaryGuy that this is really repetitive. I also think that this song would be better if it were shorter because that would take away from the repetitiveness without taking away from the general feel/quality of the song. I also want to mention that I think the drums come in a little late in the song. Instead of coming in at 1:00, I think that adding drums earlier would improve it as well. Most of this stuff is just personal opinion though...I've seen people that write reviews saying four minutes songs are too short. However, you have talent for sure...keep at it!!

alextheDJ responds:

The song that got zero bombed is called Distorted Emotion (full). It's my newest one and I think it's my best one yet... Anyway, thanks for the support! I really appreciate it.

I must say that it is repetitive and I didn't put as much effort in it as I should have. I wanted it to be long for some reason... idk I think it would have been better, looking back on it now, if I used different instruments instead of the same ones with variations.

Thanks for the encouragement! and the review :)

This is pretty cool

The only problem I really have with this song is the long intro...Im more of a fan of songs that start quickly. Other than that though this song is really good and is catchy for sure. The melody is awesome too. Keep up the good work!

Lots of Potential

I definitely like all the things you say the song already has...I love the chord progressions and the way the song starts soft and grows progressively louder at the start. The only thing I see is that around the 1:00 mark the song starts to get a bit boring. However, you already said the song lacks a melody so adding one should take care of that issue. Overall I see a lot of potential...Once you finish this I think its going to be awesome! Keep it up.
check out my tracks too if you ever have a minute.

Hey, my name's Jason and as of right now I'm new to newgrounds. I'm 18 and about to start college in a few months at NM Tech. I love writing electronic music but haven't been doing it for long so any tips, suggestions, etc. would help greatly.

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